Commercial Electrical Maintenance Services An Electrician Can Provide

Construction and Maintenance of electrical infrastructure

A now large but family, value-based business, focus is to:

Exceed our customers’ expectations by delivering exceptional electrical projects and maintenance solutions, through superior trade craftsmanship, technical compliance, and timely delivery”

This ethos has been embedded in the employees recruited, training procedures and systems implemented, suppliers we use, and, customers we work with.

Commercial Services

Installing and maintaining your electrical infrastructure requires an electrical contractor that you and your business can rely on.

To keep your business at max power we offer the following services

Electrical Maintenance Services

Log any electrical maintenance request and have it resolved in no time at all! Our maintenance team are dedicated to professionalism, consistency, and communication. No surprises, not even after your electrical maintenance issue is resolved and the paperwork is in your inbox. We also provide a full range of routine maintenance and building compliance services.

Programmed Rollout and Upgrades

We’ll take your vision and turn your programmed rollout, into a reality. In order to maintain consistent standards of appearance and equipment across all sites our customers frequently implement a programmed rollout and upgrades across each of their sites. We have experience in electrical programmed rollouts and upgrades based on changes in: Technology Roll-out (i.e. new POS installs, CBUS lighting) Functional Roll-out (i.e. staff amenities

Fit Outs and Projects

When you need a team of commercial electricians to assist you with a commercial project – such as the construction of shops, warehouses, flats, or any other building, our team will get it done.

team has grown and now includes commercial electricians, apprentices, project managers, account managers and a dedicated service and support team, all with the expertise to get your job done efficiently the first time. Our reactive maintenance division is at your disposal. No electrical job is too small or complex. We are always on-time, if not you save a minimum of $148 – that’s our guarantee.


The Essential Guide to Commercial Electrical Maintenance Inspections

Staying up to date with your lighting and electrical service maintenance tasks ensures your systems are operating at peak performance every day. Whether your business requires monthly, quarterly, or annual inspections, it helps to be proactive and schedule maintenance with an electrical contractor into your budget and calendar. Here’s a closer look at the basics of commercial electrical maintenance inspections.

What Does an Electrical Maintenance Inspection Entail?

A comprehensive inspection will assess internal and external electrical assets. These include security features, exterior lights, equipment, and components to ensure a facility and its machinery are all up to code. An electrician will also inspect breaker panels, control panels, individual circuits, ARC fault and GFI breakers, software backups, wires, and fuses.

What Are the Benefits?

A major benefit of an electrical maintenance inspection is extending the life cycle of electrical assets. Poorly maintained assets require more energy to work properly, and excessive duty cycling can accelerate equipment deterioration.

Because they limit disruptions and extra expenses from production shutdowns and equipment replacement, regular maintenance inspections save your business money. Additionally, regular inspections allow business owners to avoid unplanned downtime.

Preventive maintenance conducted by a qualified electrical contractor can delay system failures and reduce the risk of an unscheduled system outage. If you work in a particularly time-sensitive industry, this kind of assurance is key for meeting slim profit margins.


Experienced Electrical Contractors

provide the entire package and work along with you from beginning to end to ensure the best results achievable. We are highly skilled at a large range of services; from commercial to industrial, education and special events. Not only that, our team of industry experts are fully trained in PAT testing, energy saving solutions, data and network cabling; there’s no electrical solution we cannot provide to the home or workplace.


No matter whether your requirements are a large retail property, office or maybe a shop fitting assignment, our commercial team provide a no-compromise approach making use of the latest technology to meet all of your commercial requirements. Our approach:

Meet all latest compliance requirements

Have the most effective electrical, security and networking systems to suit your property and budgets

Minimise energy usage

We are fully compliant with Health And Safety Executive being safe contractor approved

These ideas are implemented by a team of time served contractors and a staff of competent technical engineers who are well known in the profession for their extensive technical understanding and huge experience in working with the most complicated and challenging of site conditions.


CMS electrical should be your first choice for all industrial electrical works. We are able to design, install, maintain and repair jobs of all sizes and issues. We have a long and productive relationship with our industrial customers because of our enthusiastic and flexible method.


Our modern strategy has ensured our large list of retail customers are left with a fantastic electrical installation, accomplished typically within a limited timescale. Our ability to effectively communicate and work well along with other trades is the reason why we a regarded as one of the best retail electrical installers


Electricians Assistant Residential/Commercial


This career major will introduce students to the safety practices, use of hand and power tools/equipment and electrical theory related to the electrical industry.

Required Courses:

OSHA 10 – Construction Industry

OSHA 10 – General Industry

Electrical Safety in Construction

Electrical Theory in Construction

Electrical Schematic and Blueprint Reading in Construction

Electrical Power and Hand Tools and Equipment in Construction – Level I

Direct Current Circuits in Construction

Alternating Current Circuits in Construction

National Electrical Code

Residential Wiring Methods

Commercial Wiring Methods

Motor Theory and Operation in Construction

Motor Control Wiring in Construction

Programmable Logic Controllers in Construction

Workforce Staging

Career Opportunities:

Apprentice Electrician

Controls Technician

Electrical Maintenance Technician

Average Salary:



Maintenance Time: Common Electrical Issues and Violations of Commercial Buildings

It’s hard to imagine what the world will be like without electricity. It is one of the most useful commodities we have today. However, electricity can also be dangerous to us if mishandled.

The significant number of electricity-related deaths and injuries in the workspace is one reason why it is important for businesses to conduct regular maintenance check-ups of their electrical systems. Another reason is to ensure their compliance with national and state regulations. Violating these rules can incur heavy fines or legal action against the company.

Faulty wiring

Dimming or flickering lights and fuses frequently breaking are signs of faulty wiring. A burning smell from turning lights on indicates serious wiring issues that need to be addressed immediately. Installing new light fixtures with old wiring can also be a problem. New lighting operates at hotter temperatures that old wiring might not be able to handle. Experts advise rewiring electrical systems in buildings built before 1987 to prevent fire hazards.

Grounding issues

Ground loops are a common grounding problem in commercial buildings. The interconnection of electrical equipment results in multiple paths to the ground. Professional electricians ensure that there is only one ground used as a grounding system in a building. This grounding helps excess energy escape into the ground and reduce the risk of damaging appliances, fire and electrocution.

Messy electrical panels

An organized electrical panel will help you identify which fuse is which. This is helpful when turning off the power supply in different areas of the building in case there is a fire. Have your electrician organize your electric panel for your convenience and to avoid violations.