Move Out Cleaning Practical Tips

Move Out Cleaning Services

Schedule your move out cleaning together with a removals service or separately if you wish. We will provide you with a free no-obligation quote, which will include a breakdown of all the costs, based on your moving needs and assistance requests. On that note, the professional move out cleaning is charged per job, which means that the service is not limited by time. You can book your cleaning session for any day of the week, including public holidays.

Save time and money

We have designed a complete relocation package that can take care of every facet of your move. Depending on your individual circumstances, we can send packers and movers to wrap your possessions with quality materials, load, transport and deliver them to your new address

Getting your bond back

The professional cleaners who will handle your end of tenancy cleaning are familiar with the checklists used by letting agencies and landlords. In other words, they will make sure the priority areas are properly cleaned so the property can easily pass the check.

Complete solution

We will personalise your service to meet all your relocation needs. Whether you need furniture removals and storage or there is a load of old furniture or any other waste disposed of, or you require special packing and handling of antique items

There is nothing more stressful than losing your security deposit on top of packing, moving out and looking for a new place to rent. With our reliable, 72-hour guaranteed end of tenancy cleaning assistance, you can rest assured that the funds you’ve paid upfront will be returned in full so that you can secure more easily the rent for your next accommodation


Moving out of a Furnished Flat: Checklist – what you have to do

Your stay in your furnished flat is coming to an end? This is what you should arrange and plan in advance in order to make moving out as easy as possible.

Get in touch with the Landlord

Please arrange a day and time for the final inspection and, or the handover of the keys. If you should leave very early in the moring, please ask the owner if he or she would like to check the apartment before or after you have left.

You need to know:

where you should leave the keys

how you should leave the apartment (basically clean, will a professional cleaner come, can you do the final cleaning yourself, should you wash the bedlinen or towels… ?

discuss cleaning instructions with the landlord, if you are not sure how to get rid of a stain on a sofa, how to clean sensitive surfaces etc.

With some apartments, a professional final cleaning is obligatory. But in our opinion, you can never leave the apartment too clean. 😉 We have also had cases, when the tenants did a better final cleaning job than the professional cleaners, but with most cases, a professional cleaning IS necessary. But you can always save many, if you do as much as possible yourself. Therefore you should concentrate on the details!

Check the Apartment

You should, of course, always report if something is not working, if here are any damages etc. Even if you have not caused the problem. It is much easier fort he landlord to plan and conduct the mending if he or she knows in advance. If you are still in the apartment, you can explain the problem in detail, you can also explain that you did not use anything incorrectly.


The Insured and Guaranteed Move-out cleaning solution


you will finally have time to take care of what’s most important for you


We guarantee you a clean home. If you are not happy with the cleaning, we’ll come again for free. If still you are not happy, we will refound your money.


We rigorously vet all of our Cleaners, and in case of damage we are covered by a 10 millions CHF insurance


All our services include eco-friendly cleaning products, safe for the environment and the health of your beloved ones.


Companies offering move out cleaning solution usually take care of “after renovation” cleanings, that require expensive and heavy machines. Why hire such a company when a cleaning lady trained


Tenant guide to moving out

Moving out of your rental property? Our advice: leave it as you found it! Essentially, you are responsible for leaving the property in the same condition as when you moved in, save for fair wear and tear. If you were given an inventory check-in document at the start of your tenancy, please re-read as this will help you to understand the original condition of the property and the standard of cleaning required.

Landlords accept that there will be an element of fair wear and tear during any normal residential tenancy. However, if it’s anything more than a reasonable amount, you could see deductions from your deposit. It is worth you spending the time bringing the property back to the same standard as specified in the inventory check-in. Please follow these guidelines to make moving out as simple as possible!

Refresh your memory

Have a read through your inventory check-in report and refresh your memory about the condition of the property when you first moved in


Be sure to return all items of furniture to the original room if they have been moved around – the inventory check-in report will also help with this if you can’t remember. This helps to avoid claims for missing items that are simply in a different room.

Clean up

All areas of the property need to be cleaned to the same standard they were in when you first moved in. Don’t forget the oven, fridge freezer (get defrosting) and windows – these are the areas most likely to be forgotten! Moving house is stressful enough, so consider calling in the professionals for an end of tenancy cleaning service. Ideally, arrange an overlap between your new and old tenancy of a day or two. That way you can get your possessions moved out, the cleaners called in, and minimise your stress.


Follow This Moving Out Checklist Before Tenants Leave

If you’ve ever been a renter, you’ve likely paid a security deposit. Deposits can be steep! You probably really wanted the entire amount returned. Now that you’re a landlord, you know you’re more than happy to give renters their security deposit back—so long as they left your property tidy and free of damage. A moving-out checklist ensures keeps both renters and landlords happy. (We’ve even got a moving-in checklist, so you can start on the right foot.

Procedures and checklists streamline everything. They make the process faster and more efficient. They prevent you from smacking your forehead and saying, “Darn it, I forgot to do a walk-thru inspection!” Here’s our recommended process for renter move-out and move-in.

What Landlords Must Do for Move-Out

Moving out doesn’t happen in a day. It can be a long process—so make sure you’re dotting your is and crossing your ts from the moment your tenant turns in notice.

One to two weeks before move-out

Schedule a preliminary walk-through. Afterwards, alert the tenant—in writing—to the issues that need to be resolved in order for the tenant to receive their deposit back in full. For example: Tenant must repaint walls back to their original color.

Send tenant a “cleaning checklist” that outlines the expectations of how clean the unit must be. (See below.)

Remind tenant that all their possessions must be removed by 12 p.m. on move-out day, or whatever time is specified on the lease. Schedule a time for the final walk-through of the unit, preferably at 12:00 noon or 1 p.m. on move-out day.

Arrange for a cleaning crew and a handyman to come to the unit on the afternoon of move-out day.

On moving day

Come to the walkthrough with two copies (to be signed in duplicate) of three forms:

The move-out inspection checklist

The final move-out form, which states that the tenant’s lease is over, all obligations are finished, and they will not be staying

A form for a forwarding address and phone number.

Bring a camera. Any issues with the unit must be documented.

Walkthrough the unit with your tenant, photographing any and all damage or uncleanliness.

Have tenant sign all three forms.

Email tenant any photos of damage.

After tenant leaves, instruct cleaning crew and handyman as necessary.